Our Forte

We are not just Application Developers and Designers. We create apps that users love, apps that generate revenue and apps that top the charts.

Mobile App Development

We create highly polished Native Android and Native iPhone apps for startups and enterprise clients. Our team prides itself on delivering the best performing apps in the country

Web Application Development

Using latest technologies such as Vue for Javascript, Laravel for PHP , HTML5 APIs C# ,e.t.c,we deliver the most and secure comprehensive systems possible .

System Intergration and Data Exhange

One of our specialities is building systems that talk to eah other on different platforms. Do you want your mobile app to exchange data with your web app?Or a Java Application to exchange data with a C# app. Let us know.

Beautiful and Responsive Interface Designs

We move with the times, making sure we are always delivering the most visually-appealing applications that also conform to accepted standards. Our sites are always responsive to whatever gadget they are being accessed from.


We will be update you with some pics soon.

I was pretty impressed with how a young group was so dedicated to what they do. Every detail was taken into account as we worked on the online store.


mHub Offices
Corporate Mall, Lilongwe, Malawi.


+265 999 201 886